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As Crown Education, we cannot ignore the importance of Pathway/Preparation Programs so that our students can get their language education in the best possible way and enter universities without examination. By participating in Pathway/Preparation Programs, students can both improve their English and settle in universities without taking TOEFL or IELTS exams that most universities require. To prepare for these exams is difficult and stressful. Pathway/Preparation programs can make this difficult and stressful process easier and more fun.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Pathway/Prep programs in many places. So, what are these programs? Simply put, Pathway/Preparation program is a program that allows you to enter many universities without examination after you have received a satisfactory degree of English education at language schools or colleges and then “Pre-University Preparation programs”.

The main purpose of Pathway/Prep programs is to teach you English in the country in which you study. The Program allows you to write compositions, adapt to team work and succeed in the studies, take notes in lessons, time management and presentation techniques, and take the necessary training for students in university life. In other words, it prepares you for college and makes you successful in a different culture and education system.

Pathway/Preparation programs provide gold-value opportunities for students who have completed their high school life. These students receive English preparatory program in the first year when they are placed in universities in Turkey. Well, how successful are these programs? Of course, it helps students in English at very low levels. How much can your English develop in a university that provides Turkish education in Turkey and in an environment with only Turkish students around it? As we always say, if you want to learn a language, you should learn it in the country where that language is spoken. Learning language isn’t just about taking care of grammar. You should go to the country where the language is spoken so that you can improve your speaking and understanding skills. You should spend time and effort alone with the culture of that country.

The majority of Crown Education’s consultants have participated in these programs and have experienced firsthand how successful and beneficial these programs are. We do not recommend to our students programs that we don’t live and experience as the crown family.

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